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New: Perrin Cold Air Intake System 2015-16 WRX

’15-16 Subaru WRX Part #: PSP-INT-325BK = Black Part #: PSP-INT-325RD = Red MSRP: $70.00 Perrin has just released their Cold Air Intake system for the 2015-16 WRX. With proper MAF alignment and plumbing size, which is crucial in maintaining proper air/fuel ratios and prevent check engine lights.Key product features: Reduced intake restriction increases flow potential allowing for faster turbo spool, reduced ... Read More »

New: Perrin Engine Cover Fix for ’15-16 Subaru WRX

’15-16 Subaru WRX Part #: PSP-ENG-166 MSRP: $70.00 Perrin has just released a solution to secure the plastic engine cover on the new WRX even after the tabs have broken. And not only that, but their solution adds a bit of style to your engine bay with anodized Perrin washers. Key product features: Dresses up engine by re-attaching engine cover ... Read More »

New: Perrin License Plate Delete for Subaru WRX

’02-05 Subaru WRX Part #: PSP-BDY-109BK MSRP: $49.00 ’06-16 Subaru WRX Part #: PSP-BDY-111BK MSRP: $49.00 Do you have front license plate holes you wish you could cover up on your WRX? For customers living in states that don’t require front plates, the new Perrin license plate delete is a perfect way to cover up those wholes and add some style to ... Read More »

New: Perrin Coolant Hose and Oil Pressure / Temperature Adapters

Coolant Hose Adapter Part #: ASM-GAU-106 MSRP: $22.00 Oil Pressure and Temperature Adapter Part #: ASM-GAU-100 MSRP: $44.00 Perrin recently released new automotive gauges to monitor your vitals. But one of the important things with a new set of gauges is where you put the sensors. Perrin has made that easy for water temperature, oil temperature, and oil pressure. The ... Read More »

New: Perrin Automotive Gauges

Boost Pressure Part #: ASM-GAU-001 MSRP: $222.00 Exhaust Gas Temperature Part #: ASM-GAU-005 MSRP: $266.00 Oil Temperature Part #: ASM-GAU-010 MSRP: $177.00 Oil Pressure Part #: ASM-GAU-015 MSRP: $266.00 Water Temperature Part #: ASM-GAU-020 MSRP: $177.00 Fuel Pressure Part #: ASM-GAU-025 MSRP: $266.00 New from Perrin are a range of performance gauges to keep an eye on your vitals and give your interior a clean look. The ... Read More »

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