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Moroso Tech Tips!

Here’s our Facebook Thursday Tech Tip Recap from October 8th to November 12th!

Tip # 1: When installing a crank trigger, use a feeler gauge to set the transducer .050” to .070” away from the wheel for appropriate clearance.

Tip # 2: When charging a battery, a 16V battery typically can be charged up to 18V or 19V, while a 12V lead-acid battery can typically take a charge up to 13V or 14V.

Tip # 3: When measuring pickup clearance, never measure to the center of the screen on the sump, as it may compress when bolting down the pan. Instead, measure both sides of the pickup and average them.

Tip # 4: When using an oil pump at a higher rpm, over 7000 RPM, you need to have a pump with an anti-cavitation groove to keep continuous oil pressure through higher RPM range.

Tip # 5: When mounting your vacuum pump, try to mount your exhaust fitting between the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock position to allow the oil to drain out of it on the exhaust side.

Tip # 6: Lot’s of oil blow-by on a high horsepower engine can cause knock or pre-ignition and severe engine damage. That’s why installing an air/oil separator is a good idea on any engine with high horsepower or being used for racing.

Your inside track to performance parts and accessories.