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Daily Driver Turned Racecar Overnight – How This M3 Ended Up on the Track!


When Mark Krumme ran into a bit of bad luck back in 2012, he never anticipated turning his daily driver M3 into his replacement racecar. His racecar at the time was a ’98 Intregra Type R. After having gone through an engine and transmission, he was getting discouraged, but decided he still wanted to make it through a full season of HFF Challenge time trials. He set off for the first event of the season—and catastrophe! An unforeseen rod bolt failure on that very first event caused his engine to fail yet again, discouraging him even more.


After the 2nd engine failure, Mark had planned to take a season off to recover financially. That’s when even more bad luck hit. His coolant system on his daily driver, a ’99 M3 had failed. With both cars broken, he had to fix one of them. Obviously the coolant system on the M3 was going to be much cheaper to fix than the Integra, and that’s when it dawned on him—why not race the M3?


The M3 had already been built for light track duty and the only thing keeping it from being a competitive track car was fixing the cooling system. If he could get the car fixed quickly, he could get some points on the board by making it to a Bimmer Challenge event that weekend.


Mark decided to go with a Koyo HH Series 48mm radiator, new thermostat, new temp switch, electric fan, and SamcoSport coolant hoses. He knew the SamcoSport hoses would be an exact fit because he had experience running them for years on his Integra. He was able to source most the parts locally, except for the Samco hoses. That’s when he gave Motovicity a call, and because of the large inventory we have, we were able to ship them overnight to him immediately. By the next day, Mark had his M3 back together and running strong.

hose on car

With the car back together for its first full day on track, testing conditions of the new coolant system proved it was a worthy upgrade. A 95 degree day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway would normally have engine temps climbing above normal after just a few laps. Throttle response on a hot day like that would normally be noticeably worse due to heat soak. But this day was different. Although temps were high, the car lasted all day without the temp gauge ever going hotter than normal, and throttle response was excellent all day long. After his success on track, Mark and his M3 now hold third place in his Speedventures—Bimmer Challenge class. The upgraded coolant system with SamcoSport hoses got this M3 back on track to be a competitive car!

Your inside track to performance parts and accessories.