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King Bearings Tech Tips

Here’s our Facebook Thursday Tech Tip Recap from March 12th to April 16th!

Tip # 1: It is important to match caps with their corresponding counterpart to ensure a proper fit after reconditioning. Failure to match caps can result in poor bearing performance, or even failure.

Tip # 2: Check the crank journals for size, shape, and finish. Move the micrometer around the journal to check for out of roundness. Crank journals should not be more than .02” out of round to avoid bearing wear.

Tip # 3: When installing new bearings, clean the bearings first using a solvent cleaner to remove the factory applied rust inhibitor oil.

Tip # 4: Calculate bearing clearances by installing the bearing and torqueing the main caps to spec. Measure the ID of the crank journals with the bearings installed, and subtract from the measured crank journal diameter.

Tip # 5: After each main cap has been torqued, hand-spin the crank to check for possible binding before proceeding to the next main cap. If any cap is binding, this will allow you to identify which one it is.

Tip # 6: Prime the engine by turning it over with an electric drill motor to ensure oil is present in oil galley ways and bearing clearance spaces and eliminating the chance of damage to bearing and journal surfaces.

Your inside track to performance parts and accessories.