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New: Hooker Blackheart Exhaust for ’14-15 Chevrolet Camaro 3.6L

’14-15 Chevrolet Camaro 3.6L (w/out mufflers) Part#: 70401308-RHKR MSRP: $444.95 14’15 Chevrolet Camaro 3.6L (w/mufflers) Part #: 70401309-RHKR MSRP: $555.95 The ’14-15 Camaro 3.6L may not have V8 performance from the factory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it there. Hooker makes it easy with this axle-back exhaust system specifically for the 3.6L. The system adds up to 9 ... Read More »

Motovicity Announces Launch of Eaton Differentials

Motovicity Distribution is announcing the addition of Eaton Differentials to their line card. Eaton Performance differentials are some of the most well known in the aftermarket. With popular models such as the Detroit Locker and Eaton Posi, Eaton has made terms like “Positraction” (the GM branded version of the Eaton Posi) synonymous with limited slip differentials. They have been developing ... Read More »

New: Whiteline Radius Rod Inserts for ’10-12 Chevrolet Camaro

’10-12 Chevrolet Camaro Part #: W83404 MSRP: $39.80 Car control is critical for Camaro owners who track their vehicles, and that’s where Whiteline has a simple and affordable solution. The new Radius Rod Inserts for the Chevy Camaro fit into the original bushings, using synthetic elastomer to fill the voids in stock rubber bushings. This reduces slop which translates to more ... Read More »

Save 5% on Whiteline – This Week Only!

Activate more grip by saving on Whiteline this week! This week, we’re offering Motovicity customers 5%* savings on Whiteline suspension products. That’s an easy way to stock up on all your suspension needs, from ball joints to sway bars. Save 5%* on the following Whiteline products: Adjustable Sway Bars Sway Bar Accessories Chassis Bracing Suspension Bushings Camber & Toe Kits Call ... Read More »

Motovicity Announces Launch of Motive Gear

Motovicity Distribution is announcing the addition of Motive Gear to their line card. Motive Gear, the drivetrain component division of Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, has been producing quality drivetrain components for drag racers and off-road racers for over 65 years. They have the largest line of aftermarket ring and pinion gears of any manufacturer, and also make a complete ... Read More »

Your inside track to performance parts and accessories.