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Why Motovicity? Turbosmart’s Marty Staggs

As the Aussie-based Turbosmart looked to expand its U.S. presence, Marty Staggs, executive vice president of Turbosmart USA, was looking for a wholesale distributor he could trust to help his company grow.  So last March, Staggs turned to Motovicity. “They’re very involved with our market. I see them everywhere, actively promoting their lines, investing in their brands, and constantly working ... Read More »

Moto Rep Miata Project: Vibrant Intercooler Installation

As with almost anything in performance modifications, once you add a few items here, upgrade a couple things there, you soon find a new bottleneck. Some might have existed all along, as others introduced themselves as your project progressed. Case in point was the intercooler on MotoRep Bryan Spears’ 2002 Miata project car. With the higher intake flow coming from ... Read More »

This is Motovicity: ’02 Miata Employee Project Car

As everyone knows, Motovicity is full of performance enthusiasts. Among them is MotoRep Bryan Spears, who has been spending some OT working on his ’02 Mazda Miata project car since 2010. It’s been a platform where he’s been able to try out many of the products he sells every day, and to learn the gritty details on how they’re installed ... Read More »

MotoRep Cory Lockwood Installs Stack 52mm Pro-Control Gauges

Cory Lockwood, Motovicity Sales Rep and drag racing enthusiast, recently installed several Stack Pro-Control Gauges into his 1999 Pontiac Firebird. “The install was straight forward.” said Cory. “Once complete, I really got into the gauges and the options they offered. For any drag car it’s crucial to monitor key things to make sure everything is in proper running order. “The ... Read More »

Your inside track to performance parts and accessories.